Bushing/Bearing Cup Remover J-26941
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Bushing/Bearing Cup Remover J-26941 DT-26941

Applications: 2010 Camaro with Aisin or Tremec Transmission, 1000 & 2000 Product Families

To remove the needle bearing from the front support on various transmissions or the rear seal on manual transmissions which is installed deep into its bore in the extension housing. J-26941 is used with either a slide hammer or J-45124 Puller Bridge to remove the seal without scratching the bore.

Storage: B815-12-1805


  • Item #: J-26941
  • Manufacturer: SPX/Bosch (OTC Rotunda Kent-Moore Miller)
  • Condition: New

Bushing Bearing Cup Remover J-26941

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